Wednesday, November 7, 2012

G-15 Rifles Are Now Available

At GAR Arms we’re pleased to announce our full line of GR-15 rifles. Our GR-15 rifles will range from standard A3 carbines to more advanced models for AR enthusiasts. We are currently testing a variety of AR variants with a number of different options and when testing is complete these rifles will soon be available on our website. However, we currently offer a full line up of AR upper and lower parts including barrels, receivers and individual parts.

All AR A3 Flat Top upper receivers available at are made of high quality 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and are bead blasted and coated with a TYPE III Class 2 hard coat to insure maximum strength, durability and reliability. These upper receivers are stripped which means you will need to buy the bolt carrier group and charging handle separately. In addition, our AR upper receivers are available with or without M4 feed ramps in order to accommodate various barrel types.

However, if you’re looking to easily assemble your own AR, we also offer complete AR upper halves. Our AR upper halves assembled at GAR Arms include a 16 inch G4 (our version of the M4) chrome lined barrel with a 1:9 twist chambered in 5.56 NATO. These high quality AR upper halves also include a standard hand guard, bolt carrier group and charging handle. Each GAR Arms upper assembly is test fired and zeroed for maximum accuracy and includes a one year warranty.

We’re also pleased to offer a great selection of GAR Arms AR lower receivers. Our AR lower receivers are made with the same high quality 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum as our upper receivers in order to insure unsurpassed strength and durability. All GAR Arms lower receivers are also forged, not cast providing you with a more durable lower receiver. Our AR lowers are also available with a variety of different butt stocks. We also sell both stripped and complete AR lowers depending on your needs. Furthermore, GAR Arms lower receivers feature a beveled magazine well for quick and effortless loading.

Additionally, all of our AR lower receivers feature a buffalo skull engraved on the magazine well. We chose this particular imagery, because the buffalo is one of the most recognizable North American animals and is revered amongst many Native American cultures. Within these cultures the buffalo represents spiritual and physical fulfillment as well as good health. It’s difficult to recall American history without thinking of the iconic buffalo.

Lastly, we also offer standard Mil-Spec lower parts kit for AR rifles and pistols. Our AR lower parts kit includes everything you need to complete an AR lower half, minus the receiver and stock. Our lower parts kit includes parts manufactured by a variety of well respected military contractors.

If you have any questions about any of our AR parts or would like to learn more about our current product line up, visit us at today.

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